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Tapas Crawl in Barcelona

Sunday, October 22, 2023 • 6–8pm [SOLD OUT]
Prix Fixe: $80 per person (all-inclusive, tax and tip included)


Some say a tapas bar is a window into the Spanish soul and the Spanish gastronomic mentality. Popular throughout Spain, eating tapas is the preferred way to enjoy an evening meal since the heaviest meal of the day is usually served at lunch. In fact, it’s a cultural tradition for groups to jump from one tapas bar to another for an evening of snacking, sipping, and socializing.


Tonight's fantasy food tour will take place on Carrer de Blai in Barcelona, the most visited city in Spain. Known as the "Street of the Tapas," Carrer de Blai is a pedestrian street lined with small restaurants and bars, each serving their own version of both classics and unique non-traditional tapas creations. Without leaving our seats, we'll "crawl" from one tapas bar to another and sample a wide range of small plates along with a few pinchos (Basque-style skewered bites). Here's what to expect (along with a few surprises):



Bonus: Maximize your experience (optional) by watching Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro's The Devil's Backbone before the dinner event (currently streaming on Prime Video by subscription). This early masterpiece from the world-renowned Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, and novelist is an extremely atmospheric ghost story that also serves as a gripping political drama. Like his later Pan's Labyrinth, which is also set during the Spanish civil war, this film explores similar themes as an innocent imaginative child grows up and becomes aware of the cruel world of adults around him. An under-rated film beloved by audiences and critics alike, this gem from 2001 is well worth seeking out.


Note: All of our pop-up events are all-inclusive prix fixe dinners. This means you get a multi-course dinner complete with wine and other beverage pairings all evening long for one fixed price. Unlike at restaurants, all taxes and tip are included as well.


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