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Crepes Suzette


In preparation for my upcoming A Taste of France "Deep Dive" cooking class series at Common Ground Food Co-op, we are testing out several new recipes and you are invited to sample our work-in-progress. We will cook up a four-course classic French dinner with a special tasting menu as we refine the flavors and ingredients of our creations.


Arguably, French gastronomy is the most influential of European culinary traditions. The French invented haute cuisine, then turned everything upside-down and re-invented itself with nouvelle cuisine — a simpler, lighter approach with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and presentation. Even in our everyday language, French words like cuisine, gourmet, récipé, and bon appétit are universally understood and associated with good eats.


Here's what to expect on this special evening:


Maximize your experience (optional): Watch "Big Bug" on Netflix before the dinner event, then join us for stimulating conversation about the movie and its themes during dinner. This brand new French comedy is an over-the-top dystopian sci-fi comedy from master filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet ("Amélie" 2001). A dark, over-the-top satire, this brilliant little gem takes its cues from current headlines about technology, AI, and politics. It's also visually stunning and a joy to watch.